General Information

When you arrive on campus on  please indicate at the Technion gates you are attending the  Biomedical Informatics- Big Data Science conference.

For your convenience – attached Technion map, location is Biotechnology & Food Engineering Faculty ( G2 on the map) – Auditorium ( 1st floor)

For further information and updated timetables please look up the Egged’s (the bus company’s) website.

For information on trains to and from Haifa, click

Map of Technion

Transport to and from the airport:

Ben Gurion Airport is Israel’s major international airport. The airport is not actually in Tel Aviv, but rather on the  outskirts of the Tel Aviv metropolitan area.


There is very good direct train service between Ben Gurion Airport and Haifa, with trains almost every hour all night long.

Train schedule


  • Check the trains between the Hof HaCarmel station and Ben Gurion Airport. The hotel district is a short taxi ride from the Hof HaCarmel station that costs around 50 shekels.
  • Trains and buses do not run between Friday afternoon and Saturday after sundown. If you have a Saturday flight, please refer to the taxi options.


Special shared taxis wait at the airport to fill up (~ 8 people) and then take the passengers to their addresses in Haifa. The disadvantage of these taxis is that they wait to fill up, but a big group will fill one up right away. These cost around 100 shekels per person and can be ordered for trips between Haifa and the airport as well.  More information on airport taxis

Transport from hotel area (Central Carmel) to the Technion:


  • Bus #31 runs between the hotel area and the Technion. The trip takes 25 minutes.
  • The bus runs approximately once in every half hour in the morning between the hotel area and the Technion: 7:48, 8:10, 8:48, 9:18, 9:48, 10:48 The bus runs approximately once every hour in the afternoon between the Technion and the hotel area: 14:30, 15:30, 16:30, 17:30, 18:30
  • Bus fare is 7.50 shekels per trip.


A taxi between the hotel area and the Technion costs approximately 50 shekels. A taxi can hold up to 4 people.


Typically, the climate in Haifa during the winter months is cold and rainy. The average temperature in December is ~15°C.

More information about Haifa can be found here.