Tutorial Bootcamp

Monday, Dec. 11th, 2017

Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Engineering Auditorium.

In an age where sequencing one’s own genome costs less than $1000, and our everyday activities are tracked by multiple sensors, Medicine as a field is changing. Building on the solid foundation of ‘evidence based medicine’, data driven bio-medicine now offers the opportunity to leap forward to a much higher resolution and personalized treatment.

The training required for engaging in high quality bio-medical informatics is highly diverse requiring strong quantitative skills as well as an understanding of life science and medicine. On the brights side, opportunities are endless across multiple fields of biology and medicine for fresh minds to come in and make a difference.

This one day tutorial to Computational Medicine is meant to serve as an introductory primer for students curious about entering the field as well as graduate students in the domain wishing to get a broad overview.

 Program  :

9:00-10:30        Bioinformatics Introductory talks
10:30-11:00     Coffee break
11:00–12:00   Bioinformatics big challenges panel
12:00-13:00    Lunch
13:00-14:30   Clinical informatics Introductory talks
14:30–15:15  Clinical Informatics Big challenges panel
15:30-17:30   Workshops


Bioinformatics talks
09:00                                         Opening remarks
09:15      Yoni Savir                              Harnessing deep learning (ConvNet) to Bio-medicine                                                                                challenges
09:45     Tomer Shlomi                        Inferring cellular metabolic fluxes
10:15                                            Coffee break
10:30     Shai Shen-Orr                          A cellular View of precision medicine
11:00      Nathan Salomonis               Using single-cell genomics to consistently identify                                                                                      lineage, gene and splicing defects in human disease
11:30      Shai, Jarek, Reut, Artem     Bioinformatics panel
12:00                                                     Lunch
Medical Informatics/Precision Medicine talks
13:15      Bruce Aronow                             Transitioning to an artificial intelligence-enabling                                                                                        integrated model of data, knowledge, biology, and                                                                                    disease
13:45      Eric Kirkendall                              Detecting and mitigating medication administration                                                                                 errors
14:15     Marc Rothenberg                          TBD
14:45     Marc, Michael, Itzik, Erik, Uri   Medical Informatics panel
15:15                                                Coffee break
Tutorials (1 hour) – 15:30-17:30 (parallel sessions, Room # in parantheses below)
15:30-16:30     Noam Kaplan (Emerson 4-17)      Studying the genome in 1D and 3D  with Hi-C
16:30-17:30     Uri Shalit (Emerson 4-17)                 Mining Electornic Medical Records
15:30-17:30     Nathan Salomonis (Physics, Room 333, Ledov Bldg.)   Using AltAnalyze for                                   automated discovery of single-cell RNA-Seq profiles from raw sequencing data
15:30-17:30     Artem Barski (Physics Room 377, Ledov Bldg. ) ChIP-Seq/Epigenomics data                                    analysis with BioWardrobe


Shai Shen-Orr ,           Technion Institute of Technology
Jarek Miller,                Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
Stephanie Shneor,  Technion Institute of Technology
Michelle Kohn,          Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

Registration to Tutorial Bootcamp is free